Harbor Christian Academy was established to provide the youth of the city with a rigorous, Christ-centered, and Classical education.


What do we mean by Christ-centered?
We mean that every subject is taught from a biblical worldview, with the truth and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ infusing all studies.

What do we mean by academically rigorous?
There is no place for a shoddy education. We are preparing the next generation of Houston leaders and we must equip them with the core knowledge and skills needed to live purposefully and responsibly in our complex society.

What do we mean by classical?
Harbor Christian Academy’s educational plan utilizes a rigorous course of study that will prepare students for life in the 21st century as well as equipping students with the basic tools of learning. We utilize the time-tested classical approach to cultivate students who can think clearly and communicate effectively. The content covered in classical education includes:

  • A rich humanities curriculum, integrating the study of literature and the arts with the study of history and geography. Students come to understand the present and gain perspective on the future through knowledge of the past.

  • A math and science curriculum that enables students to participate knowledgeably in the scientific and technological discussions of the modern world.