Harbor Christian Academy offers education that is Christ-centered and classical


By classical, we mean that we utilize the time-tested classical approach to cultivate students who can think clearly and communicate effectively. This approach uses unique content and unique methodology.


By Christ-centered, we mean that every subject is taught from a biblical worldview, with the truth and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ infusing all studies.


The content covered in classical education includes:

  • A rich humanities curriculum, integrating the study of literature and the arts with the study of history and geography.  Students come to understand the present and gain perspective on the future through knowledge of the past.

  • A math and science curriculum that enables students to participate knowledgeably in the scientific and technological discussions of the modern world.

  • A study of Latin that disciplines the mind and prepares a foundation for the study of modern languages.

  • A study of formal logic that hones skills of reasoning and analysis.

  • A study of rhetoric that equips students to skillfully communicate and persuade.


The methodology of classical education focuses on teaching to the development stage of the student:



In the elementary school years, or the grammar stage, students’ minds are wired to memorize and recite.  During this stage, we equip students with the foundational facts of each subject and encourage exploration of beautiful literature and developmentally appropriate math concepts.



In the middle school years, or the logic stage, students are ready to begin thinking for themselves and formulating their own opinions.  We take advantage of this new-found interest and ability, teaching formal logic to help students test arguments to determine their validity and to organize their own thoughts in a logical way.  We also incorporate debate as much as possible, to help students to learn to argue in a winsome and respectful way.



In the high school years, or the rhetoric stage, students desire to present themselves in a positive way to their peers and the world at large.  At this time, we teach formal rhetoric, emphasizing clear and persuasive communication.