What is Harbor Christian Academy’s educational philosophy?

Harbor Christian Academy is committed to shepherding the hearts of students by providing a high quality Christ-centered, classical education. We use a rigorous Classical curriculum. Read more about it here: HCA Educational Philosophy

Is Harbor Christian Academy a public, private, or charter school?

Harbor Christian Academy is a private, Christian school funded by individuals, corporations, and churches.

What grade levels are offered at Harbor Christian Academy?

Harbor Christian Academy will open with Grades K-2 at the start of the 2018-19 school year. Grade 3 will be added in 2019, and one grade per year will be added thereafter until Harbor Christian Academy is a full K-12 school in 2028.

Are all of Harbor Christian Academy’s teachers and staff Christians?

Yes, all of our faculty and staff embrace our statement of faith and agree to abide by the faith and lifestyle covenant. Because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, all education at HCA must necessarily start and end with Christ. We encourage parents to focus on the school’s teachers for three reasons: 

  1. Great teachers make a great school.
  2. Students become like their teachers.
  3. Teachers are the “living curriculum” of a school.

So much of what students are taught will be forgotten, but the lessons that stay with them forever are the unspoken ones taught directly from the teacher’s words and actions, the “living curriculum.” Since we aim to be a God-glorifying education community designed to empower and equip all of our students, we must hire Christian teachers who want to shepherd students and teach them the way of Jesus.